will my grandma die a death of pancreatic cancer or is there a chance that it eventually might go away?

Question by badass23546: will my grandma die a death of pancreatic cancer or is there a chance that it eventually might go away?
she has pancreatic cancer and i just wanna know if she will die a painful death or will she die in a easy way? and does it ever go away i wanna know because i love her and i want to be aware of this kind of cancer and what it will do to her thanks

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Answer by doct101
Pancreatic cancer will not go away … and it’s one one of the most painful …. will hurt to eat .. drink or use restroom …. pain will increase ….it’s the worst I lost my uncle to it and I could tell he was in pain even if he looked normal … he ate and held his side … just life and it sucks

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    Denisedds May 12, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    It doesn’t go away and it is not always painful. She should be on hospice so that any pain she does have can be controlled.

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    Tarkarri May 12, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Most patients are given ever increasing doses of pain medications as their pain increases.

    This does tend to make them drowsier, less able to eat , converse etc.

    Because of this family sometimes think they are over-medicated and so ask that the medication be reduced.

    Health providers are walking a fine line, they know you want to be able to spend time with your loved one and prolong their life, but they want to be able to relieve the pain. Allow them to provide the pain medication needed and your grandmother should feel little pain.

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    Techwing May 12, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    The prognosis for pancreatic cancer is usually very poor, so there’s a good chance that she’ll die of the disease. She can be kept fairly comfortable with medication. Pancreatic cancer doesn’t go away on its own, although in a few rare cases it’s possible to cure it if it is caught early.

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    Spencer Emerson May 12, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    u don’t tell us how old your grandmother is. also how her health is besides the cancer. her mood her mental out look and what stage she is at with the cancer. all important stuff.
    however you should be aware it is pretty much a sure thing that your Grandmother will not live very long . the exact cause of death could be many things. if she is being treated for the cancer then she may have a low ability to fight off other illness. i suggest you prepare yourself for the death of your Grandmother and that you talk with her now as much as you can spend time with her . we all die .
    your Grandmother may have an excellent doctor that manages the pain for your Grandmother very well. keep in mind pain management is hard . start the big drugs too soon and in time they don’t work well . so often pain at the early stages is left treated with less powerful drugs so that when or if the pain becomes too much then the doctor can give meds that will remove the most severe of pain.
    again i suggest you spend time with her get to know her . really know her find out all about her life stuff you wont have asked before now is the time to ask . tell her about you all about you.
    you two have a wonderful chance of becoming the very best of friends . Prayer is a real and powerful thing . faith in God is important. dont shy away from this talk with her . if she wants to see the clergy then make that happen. i shall certainly pray for both you and your Grandmother. i too have lost loved ones to cancer . very sad but my faith and there faith has made the matter so much better. i have 0 question that each one of my family that died is in heaven right now. that certainly helps. if you Grandmother is not a Christan suggest it work on it with her. being one and really believing is of the greatest of importance of all things on earth and in life.

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