Why is it difficult to diagnose a stroke?

Question by GetDownOnIt: Why is it difficult to diagnose a stroke?
Writing an A Level essay about stroke’s, symptoms diagnosis etc but what is difficult about diagnosing a stroke (been told to add by teacher)

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Answer by LillyB
You might mistake someone for being drunk

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    Melissa May 22, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    It can be virtually impossible to diagnose a stroke without a CT scan. Some other medical problems can cause similar type symptoms. For instance, Bell’s Palsy can cause the face, eyes and/or mouth to droop. Usually this is unilateral (one sided ) but in rare cases it can be bilateral (affecting both sides). With a stroke however if it is severe enough it usually will affect an entire side of the body, not just the face. There could be weakness or even paralysis. Small or “mini” strokes can occur without many blatant symptoms. If a stroke is suspected, medical help should be sought immediately because there is a small window in which medication MAY be of some benefit. Unfortunately if it is a massive stroke, the outcome is usually pretty grim.

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