Which is more reliable a big bore or a long stroke?

Question by trondoveac: Which is more reliable a big bore or a long stroke?
Lets say you have 2 engines and both are a 32 valve DOHC 5.0L V8 with VVT but one is a bigger bore with a smaller stoke and the other is a smaller bore with a longer stroke. Would both engines have equal reliability or would one of them be more reliable than the other?. Also both engines are equally maintained very well.

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Answer by Small Business Owner in TX
Well, you’re dealing with 2 devils here — big bore means lots of reciprocating mass. Large pistons weigh a lot, and that much mass being accelerated then decelerated rapidly puts enormous strain on connecting rods, rod bearings, etc, which calls for more mass — heavier rods, larger bearing journals which means heavier crankshaft.

Other side of the coin is longer stroke, which means the piston has to travel a long way up and then down, so nasty piston speed at high rpm — again straining capacity of rods, journals, etc.

My vote is long stroke for very high rpm, otherwise big bore.

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