Where does pancreas/billeal cancer come from?

Question by skahhh: Where does pancreas/billeal cancer come from?
We know some of cancer’s causes. The pancreas regulates sugar. What do you think causes pancreatic cancer?

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Answer by Dave D
Pancreatic cancer is mass production of pancreatic cells. So pancreatic cancer takes almost all of the sugar out of your body.

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    Panda May 15, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Actually, no one really knows what causes all cases of pancreatic cancer. People at risk could be smokers, or drink alcohol, genetics, diet, or already have a disease like diabetes. There are lots of speculations and guesses but there is no clear cut answer.

    In general, for all cancers, no one can answer why one person will get cancer, while another one will not. There are some cancers that appear to have a genetic link . . but they are very few. There are some, such as methoslioma which is clearly caused by asbestos in the environment. And, there are some cancers in which hormones, such as estrogen or testosterone seem to ’cause’ abnormal growth. But, no one really knows.

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