Where does most of Michael Phelp’s stroke power come from?

Question by Vanshil: Where does most of Michael Phelp’s stroke power come from?
Phelps has amazing technique for all of the strokes, but I am just wondering where does most of his power come from, his upper body or his lower? Is his kick what gives him the winning edge?
Can someone please prescribe a kick set for me, my coach has told me multiple times that I have good technique, but my kick is very weak and it is dragging down my stroke for free, fly and back. How should I strengthen my legs?

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Answer by Zwave827
In fact, it comes from a combination of both, however, in his butterfly (his signature stroke), A lot of it comes from his kick but it also comes from mastered/near-mastered technique that he is accustomed to.

If you want to strengthen your legs I would go for use a medicine ball or something of the sort.

Lay down on the ground with your feet tight together, put the medicine ball in the middle of your legs and also where your leg meets your foot. (make sure it’s not TOO heavy though.) and bring your legs up slightly and continue to do reps.

Also, you could always just get a kick board and do a few laps with only your kick. It’ll help.

Also, for an added advantage, try to get your ankles as flexible as possible, so that way when you kick, they catch more water from being loose instead of stiff as a rock.

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