What would be the best 4 stroke bike for me?

Question by C@QU!LL0: What would be the best 4 stroke bike for me?
I have a KTM 85 sx and I love the bike, the powerband, the performance, everything. One this though, I’m not up for all the extra maintenance it requires. So I guess I will be switching to a 4 stroke, which is simpler. Which bike could I get that would be similar to mine in performance, speed, acceleration, handling, all that good stuff.

Basically a 4 stroke that would be similar to my ktm 85sx, I been looking at CRF100’s but I’m not sure.

What you guys think!

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Answer by bob
personally i would look in to getting a crf150r. they are some what bigger than the ktm 85 sx but they are still made mostly for motocross. this bike has pretty much the same speed just not a power band that you could feel.

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    ? May 20, 2013 at 2:24 am

    yeah a 4-stroke is way more maintenance then a 2-stoke. and when you brake a part it will cost double the money to reaper it. just saying buy w.e you like…

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