what tools do I need to have to rebuild a 2 stroke engine?

Question by dyehardxen: what tools do I need to have to rebuild a 2 stroke engine?
I need to know what I need to take apart, clean, and rebuild my 2 stroke moped motor.

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Answer by Juddro
It depends how thorough you want to be and the make and model of the engine. For the most part you will need basic tools like a socket set, open ended wrenches, screwdriver, etc. But some engine makers require special tools for removing parts like flywheel rotors, clutch locknuts, bearings, and crankshafts. Sometimes if you just want to change piston and rings and the like you will need only the basic tools, fortunately a two-stroke engine is much easier than the fourstrokes for the first timers because there are no timing chains or Over head cams to confuse the snot out of you. You learn by doing it and paying attention during disassembly, take lots of pics incase you forget how something goes back together. Good luck

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