What oils do I need for a 125 two stroke dirt bike?

Question by Crf250rification: What oils do I need for a 125 two stroke dirt bike?
I am just about to buy my first 2 stroke bike, a yz125 or a cr125. I just wanted to know what oils I need and what they are for? what kind of fuel do you put in a 2 stroke, and what is it that you mix it with? I’m used to four strokes so I don’t know much about any of this.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Z
You need to use mixed gas. You mix regular gas with oil. Ask for the proper oil at your local bike shop, they should be able to help you out. Also, ask for their recommendations on the mix ratio.

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    Paul Jakober May 27, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    fuel: Pump premium (91 or 93 octane)

    Pre-mix oil: Castrol Grand Prix, Yamalube 2R or something simliar
    mix 32:1, so about 300mL of oil in 10L of gas, or 4 fluid ounces of oil in 1 gallon of gas

    Gear box oil: any 10w30 motor oil will work. belray makes “gear saver” especially for 2 stroke
    transmissions but you don’t need to run it if you don’t want to. many people run
    automatic transmission fluid because it’s supposed to be good for the clutch and the
    seals. They aren’t very fussy about what type of oil, mainly it just needs to be changed

    you also have fork and shock oil, as well as brake fluid and coolant. but those are the two main ones

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