What is the prognosis for stage 4 liver cancer? more details…?

Question by I am the walrus goo goo ga joob: What is the prognosis for stage 4 liver cancer? more details…?
He had pancreatic cancer first and after getting it removed the doc said his cancer cell count(i guess that’s what it’s called) was 6000 and they never saw anyone live past 1200. How long do you think a 72 year old man could live with this type of cancer?

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Answer by Meg
No one can really answer that as everyone is different. I’m sorry to say it’s a bad diagnosis but I have known a woman live with pancreatic cancer spread to the liver for a couple of years and others who have died quite quickly. I wish you both all the best.

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    Denisedds May 14, 2013 at 10:12 am

    He still has pancreatic cancer, not liver cancer and the median survival is 2-6 months.
    If what you mean by “count” is his CA 19-9 this is an indication he will probably survive 6-12 weeks. I’m sorry.

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    Bco4th6th May 14, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Unfortunately, at his advanced age, and at stage 4, the cancer is probably too far advanced to follow a treatment plan to reverse the cancer.

    If his cognizance is still intact, you might try clicking on the link below and following the protocol. I wouldn’t expect a miracle, but it might help.

    I will also include a testimonial from a man who also had stage 4 cancer who was able to beat the cancer completely by using the water and salt therapy. I know that testimonials are usually worth nothing, but if this one is true, then it offers hope. Because the guy isn’t selling anything or otherwise trying to profit from his story, it has a good chance of being an honest endorsement.

    I wish the best for you.

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    Stephanie Linenger May 14, 2013 at 11:31 am

    stage 4 has poor prognosis.it only take several weeks for survival. the only thing that we can do is palliative care and promote patients comfort. sorry.

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