What is the correlation of stroke and OCDs?

Question by slick: What is the correlation of stroke and OCDs?
My child had a stroke. He also shows signs of OCDs (obsessive compulsive disorders). There does not appear to be any damage to his basal ganglia. Is it a coincidence that he is afflicted by both? If not, what is the correlation? Or are the OCDs genetically induced (there is some family history)?

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Answer by christnp
Recent research has found that some children develop OCDs due to an autoimmune disorder (the immune cells of the body attack selected ‘self’ cells). Here’s one reference, but you can google others. http://www.neurotransmitter.net/ocdimmune.html

Autoimmune disorders can also cause stroke. The propensity for developing an autoimmune disorder is genetic and does run in families. It may all be tied to an autoimmune disorder.

It could also be a straightforward result of the stroke. Depending on the nature of the damage, stroke can cause OCD in people of all ages.

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