What is a stroke and how do you get it?

Question by Droivenga: What is a stroke and how do you get it?
I heard a stroke was something that you can get if your blood is not going to your head correctly? Is this correct? Also how do you get it? I think your body gets paralized after you get a stroke. Thanks.

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Answer by jesus_loves_the_aliens
A stroke is a blood vessel in your brain that bursts. Effects can range anywhere from no lasting effects to instant death, and anywhere in between, depending on the location of the stroke. There are many factors that can incline you to have a stroke: genetic predisposition, heart problems, high blood pressure for a long time, et cetera. Hope this helps.

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    rosemary B May 23, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    A stroke is caused by blood not reaching the brain, I have just suffered 2 minor strokes, mine were caused by my carotid artery being blocked, I have now had surgery to remove the blockage and have recovered well, my blockage was caused by being a heavy smoker and not having a healthy lifestyle, if you look after your body it will stay healthy, you can be paralized after a stroke but with the correct medical care there can be a small measure of recovery

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