What does a stroke feel like and how can you tell if one might happen?

Question by cryslercompton: What does a stroke feel like and how can you tell if one might happen?
Has anyone who’s suffered a stroke or know someone who did tell me what it feels like, and what did they feel up to a few hours before it happened?

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Answer by John S
my mother had one while she was eating lunch one day. i asked her if there was alot of pain. she said no. she knew something was wrong when she was lifting the fork to her mouth and her arm stopped and slowly started to go down. i had two uncles (on my mother’s side). both got VERY dizzy when their strokes started. one uncle got rushed to the hospital and got that new drug that reversed the stroke. the other was stubborn and simply went to bed. i was with the stubborn uncle during a hunting trip to his camp when he had his stroke. he called out in the middle of the night. i went to his bedroom to see what he was calling for. he told me to turn the light on. i told him it was already on. he told me to turn the light on in the hallway. i told him that light was on, too. with absolute fear in his voice he said, “I can’t see!”. i told him i’d take him to the hospital. his stubborn azz refused and he layed back down in bed. i called the local hospital (12 miles away) and they sent an ambulance. he didn’3t last long after that.

so, on my mother’s side i have strokes. on my father’s side i have heart disease. since i favor my father’s genes i’m glad i am likely to go fast of a heart attack rather than a stroke.

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    beachfun2 May 7, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    Some people have no prior sensation of it coming. One patient woke up and fell out of bed. He had lost the use of his right arm and leg. Another noticed that his smile was no longer symmetrical. Some loose the ability to speak or do speak but the words are all gibberish…not in sequence and not what they intended to say. Some have temporarily lost their eyesight or only see one finger when they are holding up two. If you think you see someone having a stroke, ask them to move each arm and leg. Then ask them to smile. If their smile is lopsided and it WASN’T before, that is a sign. Of course, have your blood pressure checked…watch your weight, and eat a balanced diet…it pays off. Dizziness can be a sign of high blood pressure as well as having headaches and nausea. A concussion can cause some of the above symptoms too.

    This above statement just scratches the surface…check out websights for more data on strokes.

    Hope this helps you. Take care of yourself see an MD.

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    boogie May 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    I had a stroke in 2003 at age 29. I was drinking my coffee and all of a sudden I dropped the cup. My husband was right there, thank God, and he notice that the left side of my face was droopy. He asked if he should call 911. My speech was slurry. When the fireman got there they called in that I had a stroke, but the hospital just thought I was on drugs. They did a cat scan and they thought there was something. I didn’t actually find out I had a stroke until 3 days later when I had an MRI. I did not think I had warning signs until later. A week before my stroke I was dusting and I lost all the feeling in my hand it lasted about a minute and then went away. It was a mini-stroke.

    The stroke I had was an ischemic stroke caused by a blood clot. A hemorraghic stroke is caused by bleeding in the brain. Most people die from a hemmoraghic stroke. Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. If you think someone is having a stroke have them say a simple sentence for you, raise their hands above their head, and ask them to smile. Call 911 if they have a problem doing any of these.

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