What are the strength and weaknesses of the argument FOR euthanasia and AGAINST it?

Question by Rachel: What are the strength and weaknesses of the argument FOR euthanasia and AGAINST it?
R.S. assignment on the different views on euthanasia!

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Answer by merely_me
lets c
pro-ur doing them a favour because they are in pain, ur doing them a favour
con- 1.god gave them life and it is he who will take it bak, no one else
2.more likely to get rid of someone for ur own comfort than theirs, u dont really want to take care of them in their current state for whatever the reason

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    Funk2reva May 15, 2013 at 10:39 am

    No one can argue against euthanasia without comparing it to suicide or murder. Euthanasia is not the same as a 16 yr old idiot ODing on Tylenol because his girlfriend broke up with him. Nor is it the same as a 16 y/o getting mad at the GF and going to her house to kill her. SO stop using the word suicide and murder to describe euthanasia. As soon as you mix those definitions you immediately become an ignorant fool!… end of argument

    I think they should allow assisted suicides (for terminally ill not the suicidal idiots). Who are we (the healthy and happy) to decide how much pain someone else should be allowed to live with. Instead we’ve decided we’re gonna look for Waldo on their ICU wall while they are in agony. Yes, yes of we know what’s best for them right? Wrong… we’re a bunch of self-righteous holes who want to go to sleep in peace because we don’t want to wonder “what if the 20 year old with pancreatic cancer suddenly got up and started walking.” We’re a bunch of selfish, waldo searching, dingles.

    you can’t say that God made them and so he can take them away… well god didn’t make with ventilator and morphine drips. If the argument goes in this direction quickly ask them… “do you think its ethical to take out their morphine too?” Of course they will say no… then you tell them to SHUT THE HELL UP because today the decision is up to you. You already crossed the line where “God” was in control of his death. So now the doctor and the law are in control. And what they are doing is unethical if the patient specifically request they want to die.


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