what are the signs of pending death from pancreatic cancer?

Question by mindy: what are the signs of pending death from pancreatic cancer?
My brother in law was diagnosed in October of 2007 and the doctors say there is nothing else that can be done but make him comfortable. His youngest daughter is not ready to let go and wants everything done.

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Answer by Michelle
When organs start to shut down, extreme weight loss. Sorry what you and your family are going through. The daughter should seek counseling to make the process of dying more understandable.

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    cristelle R May 13, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    i want to first tell you i have not been yet familiar with the signs of pending death and I pray that I am not however, I want to tell you that I am typing this to you at the hospital 3 days after my husbands surgery for pancreatic cancer…and even though I am pretty sure that the first answerers response is probably right as far as youyr answer goes, I did want to tell you your brother in law is a fighter( iam sure) and to have his family and support around him is probably the most comforting thing he could possibly get right now…May the Spirit of your God as you understand Him be with you…

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    hillaryc59bc May 14, 2013 at 12:04 am

    My neighbor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August 2006. They gave him 3 months to live. But he went through chemotherapy and lived till April 2007. He had hospice care toward the end and visiting nurses at his house. It was hard for everyone. He had been our neighbor for nearly 30 years. He just went so fast. Started losing alot of weight. Weeks before he died he was at home and had morphine drips. Would NOT go to the hospital until 4 days before he died.

    I’m so sorry about what you’re going through. Your doctor is right. Just respect you brother in laws wishes and make him comfortable. My mother passed away 32 years ago from cancer & I can understand a little about what you are going through. It’s hard, I know.

    At least he’s not lingering a long time…the only comfort to everyone in your family.

    May God be with you and help you during this most difficult time.

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    snowflake May 14, 2013 at 12:28 am

    My mother passed away with pancreatic cancer last Sept. They gave her 3 months to live after she was diagnosed and that’s what it was. Hospice Was such a wonderful help as they checked on mom every other day. She lost so much weigh but with their help I was able to keep her skin from breaking down. With the medication they gave her she ever voiced no pain Just sad about leaving us kids. She was 90 years old and had a great life.It is very hard on the family but death does not take away the special memories.

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