What are some types of massage for a cancer patient?

Question by Reddy: What are some types of massage for a cancer patient?
Please include every if and but to every answer you have. My best friend as been in hospital with cancer for months now and so far I think she’s had most of the ifs and buts happen to her and several more.

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Answer by Dave
I used to contribute to this forum and have been away for awhile. My close friend was hospitalized with pancreatic cancer and passed away and what I would do is to listen to the doctors.

Four months ago the doctors told him that he should get his life in order, so he did. He made a will and made peace with those that he needed to make peace with. It was hard seeing first hand how cancer can take the life of a friend or loved one, very hard.

Some of you know my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer almost two years ago. She still experiences numbness in her toes and has not yet had the energy to return to work. Cancer returning scares the hell out of me, but we go forward with a positive attitude and will deal with whatever the future holds. We have each other and that is what counts.

You have your friend, enjoy time together and be there for them. Being there is what they need and hope. My friend died on Sunday, so returning to this forum is extremely hard for me.

I wish you both the best,


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