What are some medical cures for stroke?

Question by Coração: What are some medical cures for stroke?
My grandmother had a stroke 3 years ago which left her entire left side paralyzed. What are some ways to treat her or is this even possible in medicine these days?

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Answer by Josh K
If neurons have died, recovery is unlikely. This is what I suspect seeing as how this happened years ago.

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    P.J. May 24, 2013 at 4:28 am

    Sadly, there is no “cure” for a stroke. To help you visualize what happens, think of the road to an island. What would happen if there were a disaster that shut down the only route to the island? A bridge collapse perhaps? No cars could get to the island in the regular way – they would need to either build a new bridge or get a ferry to bring them across.

    Now – think of the bridge as the area of the blockage in the brain’s blood flow, the cars as the blood cells that bring oxygen and nourishment and the island, the brain cells that the blood cell “cars” nourish. If the “island” cells, normally nourished by the blood cells (cars), suddenly can’t receive the nourishment in the same way, they basically suffocate/starve and become damaged or even die. Fortunately, the body is able to react and reestablish blood flow by routing around the blockage but this does take time and some areas of the brain are/will be damaged due to lack of oxygen. The brain is made up of predominately nerve cells and, sadly, no technology exists at this point to enable regrowth of brain cells. The brain is a very remarkable organ however and can be “retaught” certain functions so, depending no the amount and type of damage, some functions may be able to be restored with extensive therapy. Based on the description you provided and the length of time since the stroke, I would hesitate to speculate that any major recovery of function will be possible – but miracles can happen so keep praying!

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