What are some good rehabilitation exercise for someone that has had a stroke?

Question by Mackenzie Bialek: What are some good rehabilitation exercise for someone that has had a stroke?
The Stroke mostly effected the right side. The person has a hard time sitting and standing. Also is numb on that side and is having a hard time not being able to feel with that side. So mostly i am wanting to know what are some good exercises to help get some reflexives back in his hand.

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Answer by ET
Consult your doctor. Or ask him to recommend a physical therapist.

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    Vanessa May 21, 2013 at 5:36 am

    as i’m not a medical expert i don’t know for sure, but… i had chronic pain in my back and neck. i know your issue is not the pain but i started taking yoga classes and it really helped to loosen my body up. the reason i mention it though is that i also gained a lot more control over my body and became extremely graceful – not to mention my mental health definitely benefited as well. i really think that doctors don’t have patients do things like this because masking the symptoms (i.e. doling out drugs) is where the money is at. i could not believe that after just two weeks of yoga i could not only almost lay my hands flat on the ground while standing up (i could barely reach my ankles prior to starting) but the intense pain i had had for over a year was completely gone. find a good yoga instructor that you can talk to about your limitations and i’m sure they’ll be able to help you out. i hope this helps.

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