is it ok to start motocross on a 250 2 stroke?

Question by Zack: is it ok to start motocross on a 250 2 stroke?
ok so i already know how to ride a dirt bike. i have a trail bike but can’t race it because it is not a racing bike. when i upgrade to a bigger bike, it might be a 250 2 stroke and i might be thinking about racing it. is it to big to start racing it?

i think it might be because some people might have expierience racing smaller mx bikes if they are racing a 250, so i just wanted to make sure.
would i be better with a 125 2s?

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Answer by French_Toast
Someone with no racing experience would be foolish to attempt to start on a 2 stroke 250cc bike. They are difficult to race well even for an experienced rider and also a very full on ride which makes it hard to pull consistent lap times on them.

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