How would a concussion affect a stroke patient?

Question by Caity: How would a concussion affect a stroke patient?
My father had a stroke 8 years ago and just had a concussion, and was released from the hospital 1 day after being admitted. We had to take him back that same day. What are some possible other answers besides a t.i.a?

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Answer by boogeywoogy
A concussion causes diffuse, global impairment and affects cognition (attention, reasoning, orientation, memory, insight, and problems with impulse control).
A stroke has a specific lesion, and depending on where it is located, can cause speech and/or language problems. If the stroke is in the right frontal region, you may see symptoms similar to a concussion.
Of course, if they co-occur, you will see the severity to be more than the sum of its parts. The more brain damage there is, the worse it becomes, overall.

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