How to improve my breast stroke time?

Question by sarah♥♥♥: How to improve my breast stroke time?
Okay, my 50 breast stroke time is 36, and my 100 time is 1.24.
When i do my hundreds, i can make the first 50 in 36 seconds, but the second 50 is the hardest.
Id like to get my 50 and 100 time down but i don’t know how.
Is their any workouts i can do out of the water to make me stronger?

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Answer by ness. =)
i swim breaststroke also! my coach says getting off turns faster helps, not coming up to high when you get to the wall. whenever i watch other people do the stroke, their shoulders come up SO high. maybe that helps? totally agree, the second 50 is the hardest. good luck with your times and swimming =)

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    ﴾▓█нєү█▓﴿™ May 24, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    just do distance practices…
    as for improving the breaststroke make sure you have fast turns and have a good pullout……..

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    kmdswimr May 24, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    I would suggest doing some strength training, like push ups, pull ups, etc. Also, make sure you do a strong pull out off of every wall. When you begin to get tired, don’t shorten up your stroke, keep it nice and long.

    Hope this helps!

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