How long should Aphasia last after a stroke?

Question by chang140: How long should Aphasia last after a stroke?
My dad just had a stroke. He’s 54, and he got to the hospital in less than 1 hour. It’s now been 48 hours, and he’s still in ICU. His left side of the brain was where got damaged. He can now move his left arm, two feet, but still not his right arm. They took the tubes out of his mouth today, but it seems like he has no desire to talk. When I tell him to do things, he’ll do it, but he doesn’t seem to understand it. Anyone had experiences with this? how long should this Aphasia last?

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Answer by Nikole
First of all, I am really sorry to hear that.

Strokes can leave permanent damage depending on how quick the stroke was addressed/treated at the hospital. Since he got to the hospital in less than one hour, that is REALLY good. Usually the damage becomes permanent after that 1 hour period.

Sometimes it can take a while, a matter of days usually, for the person to be completely better again after a stroke. You should start to see more recovery within the next couple of days.

Good luck to you and your dad, and your whole family 🙂


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    how's this? May 17, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    It is quite soon after his stroke, he may get some recovery. It is a good sign that he can do things that you tell him to do.

    However, be prepared for the possibility of no recovery.

    Wishing your father all the best.

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