How does a coach determine who is stroke seat?

Question by zzz: How does a coach determine who is stroke seat?
The spring sport season just started where I am and I made our school’s crew. We didn’t go into the water yet, but we learned about the boats and how they work. I want to be stroke. How can I appear to be more suitable for the position?

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Answer by Tanay
You can try some water sports. It is very good for young people in this time. You can visit some sites to get help. I think you will be helpful.

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    GWR309 May 9, 2013 at 10:48 am

    there isn’t one seat that’s better than another. Stroke and 7 have to have really good technique, while yet being stronger than the bow pair. The stern pair set the rhythm for the boat, and they have to maintain it. The middle 4 are the powerhouse. Then the bow pair are also for technique, but aren’t as strong as the stern pair. The bow pair accounts for 50% of the boats set.

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