How do you catch pancreatic cancer early?

Question by Charles: How do you catch pancreatic cancer early?
How often should I have my pancreas examined for abnormal cell division? Sense I’m young it’s impossible for me right? I heard it’s only found in people over 45.

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Answer by Aaron
Simple. You set a trap the night before and stay up until it wakes up.
Lure it into the trap like James Woods
You’ve caught yourself a nice pancreatic cancer.

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    Tiny May 13, 2013 at 12:10 am

    Charles, unless you have reason to suspect, or you are in a high risk group (family member died from it etc), there is really no way to justify testing for this cancer. So the answer is… There is no way to catch it early.

    I suppose that if you had a very good relationship with your Gp, and you were especially tuned into your health and any changes, than you might have a chance of detecting some sort of signal and getting tested early, but this scenario is highly unlikely.
    Pancreatic cancer, like many other cancers, is silent, painless, and sneaky. Sadly, most people will discover it just in time to have a couple of good years left.
    Best Wishes

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    Spreedog May 13, 2013 at 12:42 am

    As Shakespeare would say, “Aye, There’s the rub.”
    That is why pancreatic cancer is so deadly.
    It cannot be felt on examination because of its location.
    By the time it causes symptoms, it is too late.
    I have not known anyone who gets yearly CT scans to monitor the pancreas.
    That is the only way you could check it.
    It would cost thousands of dollars every year,
    and I doubt insurance would pay for it.
    The only way to check for abnormal cell division.
    I have never known anyone to have yearly biopsies of the pancreas.
    That would be very dangerous, and the radiologist would not know
    which area of the pancreas to try a needle biopsy.
    So the trouble is that there is no way to monitor the practice starting
    at an age when pancreatic cancer is uncommon anyway.
    Here are the ages and the frequency of pancreatic carcinomas.
    Note that the average age of death is 73.
    That has been my experience with my patients too.
    There were in this study 3.3% of pancreatic cancers found in people under 45.

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