How do doctors go about diagnosing a minor stroke?

Question by One step beyond: How do doctors go about diagnosing a minor stroke?
My grandmother who is in her 70’s has had two falls lately due to lack of sleep. She has been unable to sleep due to pain from her leg and she fallen off a chair twice. She also has a suspected broken wrist and damaged hip, She is not overweight but she is a bit big for her age. I’m quite worried about her. Also she has diabetes and is supposed to be having an x-ray tonight. She had a minor stroke about 10 years ago but didn’t seen to have any lasting affects but may have suffered another

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Answer by over the hill
certainly possible – age and diabetes is a big risk factor.

history of symptoms / CT scan are used in diagnosis

my mum had a massive stroke and died – in addition, the CT scan showed at least 2 old small strokes in the past, which we were not aware of and as far as I am aware, no symptoms

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