How can you get more performance out of a 2-stroke chainsaw engine?

Question by flabbyfatso: How can you get more performance out of a 2-stroke chainsaw engine?
I’m making a remote control car powered by a 2 stroke STIHL chainsaw engine (not sure of the exact model). I want to get the most performance out of the engine as I can. Any thoughts of how I can boost performance?

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Answer by Ben Jones
Yes, Start by NOT removing or modifying the muffler. It may make more sound but makes the engine produce less power. A two stroke engine uses the muffler feed back vibration to optimize the exhaust gas flow as it exits the port.

If it has a convoluted intake you may be able to make it straight, saving on inlet pressure drop. Avoid sharp turns or any exposed parts in the air intake.

You can assume that a chain saw engine is pretty well optimized for max power for a given weight. Obvious comment, but make sure that your modifications leave leave enough weight on the output shaft to act as a flywheel, to carry the engine over the dead-spots. If not, you can never start it!

Also, you will change all filters (don’t remove the intake air filter – just make sure it is clean) and also make sure that the ignition system is clean and has sound cables.

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    Buster May 9, 2013 at 1:43 am

    To be honest Stihl has some serious R&D and top notch engineers to squeeze out every drop of performance and reliability out of all there engines, anything you do is just going backwards.

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