How can I ever truly get over my mother’s death? Is it normal to want to commit suicide after this experience?

Question by smwenz1973: How can I ever truly get over my mother’s death? Is it normal to want to commit suicide after this experience?
I took care of my mother for the 3 months she was battling Pancreatic cancer. I have nightmares and break down at the drop of a hat. I have become angry, over-emotional and dream of escaping my life by running away or committing suicide. Is this normal?

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Answer by bubblefreak_xoxox_qtgirl
Sometimes you have to let go of something..Just like freinds…they come and go..
I know that you feel like this but life goes on..
my mother died and i had to get over it..becasue of that i feel more free…not in a bad way tho..But sometimes you have to deal with hunny, Don’t kill your self..thats NEVER the way to solve things…

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    Granny May 8, 2013 at 2:58 am

    I wouldn’t say suicide is ever normal. But, loss of a loved one can be one of the hardest things to get over. You need to speak to a professional about your loss. Anger, on the other hand, is normal after loosing a loved one. It’s part of your mind dealing with the loss. You should probably seek out a counselor or someone in the church or wherever you feel most comfortable.

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    six too May 8, 2013 at 3:23 am

    I feel for you. my mother died when i was eight she was wonderful i loved her deeply, it hurt for a long time and still does some days but you learn to go on. just know she did not want you to suffer with her,she is in a much better place now and it would hurt her heart to see you hurt like this, she is no longer among the living, but she is looking down from heaven watching you. So make her proud and get on with your life, she will always be with you,she wants you to be happy

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    Mystic M May 8, 2013 at 4:15 am

    When I was 15, my mom (god bless her) was brutally murdered. I was angry, suicidal, super emotional. So is suicide normal. . . All I can say is that the best advice I was given is this; the pain of the death of a loved one never goes away. It changes, you learn how to live with it. I never thought the post traumatic stress would end but it did. Please find someone you can trust and let it out. You can even e-mail me through Q&A. My heart really goes out to you. You are not alone!

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    darcy m May 8, 2013 at 4:46 am

    Yes it is very normal!!

    Just do not act upon it…

    You will experience so many emotions for a while and all you can do is hold on and take each day as it comes..

    Anger….depression…denial….helpless feelings..

    You will see other people carrying on with their lives and that will make you mad too….why are they even smiling…you will think to yourself…when my Mom just died

    You will find that everyday things we used to take for granted are useless…whats the point etc
    Sad….tears…pain….all is part of grieving process

    The best thing to do is try to keep busy at anything and everything

    Write things down

    Talk….vent your anger, your sorrow….your memories…

    Use the internet and search sites with other people who have just lost thier loved one

    Call your local crisis line if you feel it is becoming too much or when you need or want someone to comfort you.

    The depression will go away and the pain….

    Only time is the answer….take care of yourself and hold on

    The pain and depression will ease up but your sadness never will
    and becomes bitter sweet….so many memories and thats all we
    have are memories of people past……………….

    Only time is the answer…………take care of yourself and hold on
    to the memories……………

    My son (35) died car June 2006/left me his kids 3&9
    My sister died Sept 2006..alone for 5 days
    My brother died March/Grandmother
    My son (25) died/drowned never found…1st heartache/forever
    Mother was raped/strangled/beaten..murdered
    Numerous other family/friends have left ……

    So…… we all will ….have experience at grief…..

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    dragon May 8, 2013 at 4:53 am

    Try not to think about it go to the mall don’t spend your life worrying go do something with your life.Oh its absolutely normal,my grandmother spends all her time worrying about her dad dyeing but she can’t get over it.

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