gifts where proceeds go to pancreatic cancer?

Question by Kd: gifts where proceeds go to pancreatic cancer?
each year for christmas i give my family/ friends gifts from sites where proceeds go to a cause. this year i want the cause to be pancreatic cancer. does anyone know of any sites where you can buy items/ gifts where proceeds go to this? Please let me know! Thanks! if you dont know of any for pancreatic cancer please let me know of any other charities with gifts for a cause (NOT komen for the cure)

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Answer by Water Garden Vista
I know this doesn’t answer your question but I would find a charity that researches prevention instead of a “cure”. Preventions are much better for more reasons than one. You don’t have the problem to start with. Most of the time you “cure” cancer, it comes back. It’s much easier to prevent it than to cure it.

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