Does living past your cancer life expetancy happen often?

Question by llcriticll: Does living past your cancer life expetancy happen often?
My grandmother was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer and they are giving her 6 to twelve months. I was just wondering if people have had loved ones live a while past thier cancer life expectancies

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Answer by Denisedds
Yes it is possible. The 5 year survival for stage 3 is 6.8% with surgery and 1.8% without.
Sometimes cancer patients live far longer than their doctor ever expected, but this does not often happen with pancreatic cancer.

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    Matt May 7, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Please do not listen to the advice about giving up liquids for 48 hours. Dehydration can send you into a downward spiral from which you may have to be hospitalized in order to recover. The IDIOT giving this advice needs to be strung up by his fingernails and few nothing but ex-lax until he agrees to stop giving this dangerous and potentially deadly advice.

    If they gave her a range, they are looking at average response in the past in her general condition. Of course there are those that have held on longer, just as there are those that dies earlier. depending on her age and general health conditions, she may be eligible for trials and new treatments. If not, and she is in poor health, palliative care, making the rest of her days as high quality as possible is the best course of action. At some point, the quality of your life, can you eat, sleep, see visitors without major discomfort, is more important than the quantity of life, especially if you are talking about just a few extra months of misery.

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