Does anyone know where I can find Ensure for cheap?

Question by Piper’s Mommy: Does anyone know where I can find Ensure for cheap?
My step dad is going through treatments for pancreatic cancer and his doctor wants him to drink 3 bottles of Ensure a day. This is really starting to push on them financially what with his treatments, hospital bills, medication, ect. So my mom is looking to see if she can find it cheaper somewhere online or in a store or something. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks

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Answer by ★Starkissed ★
I really don’t think the price varies too much. Even at Sam’s Club, where you can buy it in bulk, it still works out to about the same price per bottle. My grandma drinks it so I understand what you say with it being financially hard to keep buying it!

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    Nan Jordan May 7, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    My mom was on Ensure when she was sick. We bought the ensure at our local WalMart store. Cheaper than grocery store or pharmacy. I think two to three dollars cheaper. Good Luck

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    just me May 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    There are alternatives to ensure if the doctor is ok with that, if you can find them cheaper. I flat out refused to drink them because they are freaking nasty. But, boost, will also do the same thing. Many of the diet meal replacement shakes and bars will do the same thing. Of course, he should ask the doctor first, but… sometimes other things can be easier to find.

    They want to make sure he is getting enough calories and protein… many people have difficulty eating through treatment because of nausea. Plus, the body is burning a lot of energy as it tries to repair itself from the damage of treatment.

    If she has costco/sams/etc memberships, she should check the prices there – but dont assume its cheaper because its bulk, its not always.

    Try looking on ebay or

    His insurance may be able to reimburse the price if they have the right documentation from the doctor (maybe, maybe not, but worth asking)

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