Does a pancreatic disorder cause one to have lots of gas?

Question by smallmouthbass: Does a pancreatic disorder cause one to have lots of gas?
I have been diagnosed with having the first stages of chronic pancreatitus. I am taking enzymes and it seems I am being overwhelmed with gas. I wonder if this is serious and if it may turn into cancer. My doctor says it is not that serious. I am not so sure. Anybody got any insight on this?

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Answer by Corona
If your doctor has assured you that it isn’t cancer, I hope he has done so by putting you through all the necessary tests to confirm that it isn’t. Now, that being said, my dad died from Pancreatic Cancer, BUT, I think anything that has to do with the pancreas could cause gas. I remember him burping a lot. Please, if you don’t feel like you trust your doctor PLEASE go to another one. My Dad ended up having the whipple surgery and a month later showed no improvement and I had my mom call me with a list of his meds and Enzymes weren’t on the list. I was furious because on my internet research I knew after that surgery he was supposed to be taking the enzymes. I confronted the doctor myself and he shrugged it off and ordered him the meds. It is good that you are researching your own illness because I promise you, I will never trust any doctor I have 100%. Always go with a list of questions/concerns and read them off one by one. I hope you feel better very soon. Peace.

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