Do you breathe through your nose when swimming breast stroke?

Question by Aan: Do you breathe through your nose when swimming breast stroke?
I am not a great swimmer, I can only swim breast stroke. I notice when I breath in, I only suck in water through my mouth. When I conscious tried to close my mouth and breathe in through my nose, the dripping water was getting into my nose, hence I wasn’t possible to breathe through my nose.

My questions are these –
1) By breathing through mouth, you are filling your stomach with air, does it not cause bloating in your stomach.
2) Is it possible to breathe only through nose, when swimming?

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Answer by RumRunners
in through mouth out through nose

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    You-You Xue May 13, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Hey! What you need to do is actually lift your ENTIRE body out of the water and your head, therefore allowing you to take a breath with your mouth. Using your nose just makes it worse so I don’t recommend even trying it. You could only breathe in through your nose but that’s hard, even after I’ve been swimming for so many years.

    Hope this helps,
    -You You Xue

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    Cat Stache May 13, 2013 at 11:04 am

    Find the breathing pattern that works for you. We are all different. I breath in through my mouth when coming up for air and out through my mouth mostly during the rest of the stroke cycle.

    1. When you breath in your lungs should fill with air like when you take a really deep breath. Your tummy will be sucked in slightly.

    2. Nope. We generally need more oxygen than what we can inhale just through our nose.

    With practice you will eventually become more comfortable in the water and not focus on breathing. Swimmers learn over time to close off part of their nasal passages which keeps water from entering. When your face is in the water you should not be holding your breath but blowing out air the entire time. Every 3rd stroke you take a breath and that goes for freestyle, breast stroke, and butterfly. So you breathe out during 2 full stroke cycles, take a breath, then repeat.

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    Syncgirl101 May 13, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Well at first breath in through nose and out throught mouth. Then when you get really good at that, breath in through nose and out through nose. Breathing through your mouth will give you cramps.
    I should know…i’ve been swimming since age 5 and a half.

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