Can you take hormones after having a stroke and taking Plavix?

Question by That girl: Can you take hormones after having a stroke and taking Plavix?
My mom had a stroke about 2 years ago (age 39, not obese, not a druggie, not a smoker) and is on the blood thinner Plavix. Since her blood is so thin her period is BAD. She wants to get a hysterectomy, but then she would have to take hormones after that. Since you can’t take any medicine while on Plavix would she be able to take hormones?

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Answer by oldtimekid2
That would be a question best asked of her doctor. There are so many factors that would go into a decision about whether to get a hysterectomy, take hormones, or take a drug like Plavix.

My personal recommendation would be for her to talk to her doctor about either lowering her dose or switching to something that’s not as harsh if her blood is too thin and it’s affecting her period… that’s not right and it’s likely not healthy. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with her choice of getting a hysterectomy, but that would definitely be a concern that would be best directed to her doctor. Good luck to the both of you!

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    SkepDoc 2.0 May 23, 2013 at 11:31 am

    This really should be asked of her doctor, not strangers on the internet.

    It depends on the cause of her stroke. If it was caused by a blood clot of any sort…which presumably it was since she is now taking a blood thinner (Plavix or clopidogrel), then no, she can’t take hormones. While it is possible that the Plavix will prevent them, the risk of another stroke is too great.

    We know that estrogens can cause blood clots in some women….this is a routine question women are asked before being put on the birth control pill or hormone replacement…is there a family or personal history of blood clots.

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