Can a stroke medication be given without first doing a CT scan or MRI?

Question by A: Can a stroke medication be given without first doing a CT scan or MRI?
Don’t give the answer “just ask your doctor” – the reason why this question is being posed is because I’m in a third world country will poor health care access.

My aunt got a stroke. Not real severe, droopy face and some larygitis but overall she seems okay. They never gave her a CT scan or MRI, just gave her blood thinning medication.

We’ve been trying to get the MRI or CT scan for months, this happened about 6-8 months ago.

Can the blood thinning medication CAUSE a second stroke or make things worse?

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Answer by Hari
Not advisable – even doctors do not prescribe without knowing reason

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    dullard May 11, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    Stroke treatment requires immediate application to work more effectively and prevent further strokes occurring.
    It is usual to give blood thinners if a stroke is suspected while waiting for further testing, but 8 months seems a bit longer than usual.

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    barthebear May 11, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    It can cause a second stroke which would be a cardiovascular accident-a bleed rather than a obstruction-a clot. However the likelihood is that the first stroke is prelude to larger one so it would be difficult to know whether it would have happened anyway. To answer your title question, in the US many expensive diagnostic tests such as MRI and CT are used to document for legal purposes ,even though the good physician knows. For decades there were no MRI or CT machines and the treatment your Aunt received was standard. Monitoring the blood coagulation is an inexact science. Soon there will be tools such as diabetics have to check every day the levels. Meanwhile a specialist in coagulopathy would be desired. At this point I am not certain if the treatment for your Aunt would change should she have a CT or MRI. But monitoring her blood levels of coagulation could be beneficial

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