are high enzymes a sign of pancreatic cancer?

Question by goldencrisp: are high enzymes a sign of pancreatic cancer?
my grandmother had her gallbladder removed months ago but she is in much worse pain now and lost about 40 pounds…she has been in the hospital and they have found nothing but she hasnt had any tests yet really…her enzymes were abnormally high ,is this a sign of pancreas cancer?

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Answer by Customs572
NO, enzyme levels will flucuate all the time. Amaylse and Lipase levels are what to watch for, pancreatic cancer is usually detectable via an ercp test.

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    formerly_bob May 8, 2013 at 9:20 am

    There are no enzymes or markers in the blood that indicate pancreatic cancer – that’s the reason this cancer is so deadly. The enzymes measured in a typical blood panel are very general indicators of tissue damage in muscle or the liver. Elevated enzymes are diagnostic only if the source of the tissue damage is known.

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