Anyone helped someone through pancreatic cancer?

Question by mldohm: Anyone helped someone through pancreatic cancer?
My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which I know is bad. Any tips on helping her and my family through this? It’s metastasized to her liver as well. She is 78 years old.

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Answer by tahoeashley
Hospice has some wonderful resources available; you might consider contacting them to assist you, your mother and your family through this difficult time

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    Knackers May 7, 2013 at 5:43 am

    Pancreatic cancer is hard to locate and when it is found it usually has secondaries as has your mum. This type of cancer is treatable using chemo but not curable,it also causes jaundice when the bile duct’s become blocked reducing the amount of chemo and possibly stopping it’s use. I am assuming that pallative care has been organized and she is home most of the time. All you can do is support her when she becomes weak and if she ask’s for something get it for her eg(toiletries, sick bag’s medicines) etc. Help her by using a walker or wheel chair when she needs to move and make her as comfortable as is nesessary. Controling pain is something to talk to pallative care about or her oncologist. You will find that oxy contin, ms contin , ordine and laxatives will be used to control the pain and amount’s will increase as time goes on. Please dont gloat over her as you will find it will only upset her as everyone she knows will be doing the same and believe me it;s hard not to. The outcome is not a good one as I have learnt but I wish you all the luck in the world and best wishes to your mother.

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